Friday, June 18, 2004

Emails with large attachments and McAfee Virus Scan 8

I have been having a problem sending emails with large attachments for a couple of months, and thought it was some problem with my ISP. I was talking to the Illustrious Leader the other day, and he said the same problem started for him when he installed McAfee Virus Scan 8. For some reason, the option to turn off email scanning in my install of McAfee is checked and disabled, so I can't simply turn these feature off. The best I can do is kill the process that seems responsible for this mess (McVSEscn.exe), after which large emails go through fine.

The worst part of this bug is that the email does actually go through with McVSEscn around, but Outlook 2003 is told that the email hasn't gone through, and tries to resend it. I have been in the embarrassing situation where I sent an editor I was working with the same article, code and diagrams (~3 MB) nine times. Time to get this one fixed McAfee, and while your at, stop sponsoring those stinking Raiders.


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