Monday, June 07, 2004

Microsoft Security & Management Summit - Thanks Aus Dev Evangelism team

I attended a few sessions today at the Microsoft Security & Management Summit held at Darling Harbour. The event had some great sessions, and, as expected, ANOTHER session on understanding XP SP2 and its implication for developers (don't say you weren't warned). Mitch's comment last week about feeling like you know everyone at an event resonated strongly with me, and I bumped into a heap of people from the many companies I have worked with and for over the last decade or so doing software development in Sydney.

I was talking to a friend from a company where I worked on the vector graphics project, and he asked about getting more involved in the IT community. Apart from attending the user group I help to run, I mentioned that it was worthwhile getting to know the local MSDN staff. Thinking about what I had said, it made me realize the massive leaps that Microsoft has made in terms of interacting with the developer community at a meaningful level. While I can only speak authoritatively about Sydney, I get the sense that this is not an local phenomenon, and there is a real sense of community and collaboration that seems to have originated about the same time that .NET came on the scene.

A big congrats to Frank, Chuck, Andrew, Caroline, Tyson, Finula, Norbert, Nick and Matty (both gone OS but not forgotten) and all the crew from the Australian Developer Evangelism team.


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