Thursday, August 05, 2004

Calling All Visual C++ 6 Programmers

One of the topics I discussed with Eric Rudder last night was the reasonably large group of programmers who have stuck with Visual C++ 6. This groups seems to be the programmers that time forgot - they have a simple and smooth migration path to 7.0 and 7.1, and these newer products add a heap of functionality that is valuable in the real world - better standards compliance (98.11% in the current release), better security with the /GS switch, better performance (/G7 and SIMD), and the OPTIONAL ability to access the .NET Framework and CLR. The migration path is trivial - even for a large project, a migration is less than a days work. I have successfully migrated largish (>100k LOC) projects from Visual C++ 1.52 to 7.1 without too many dramas, and that is going from 16->32 bit as well.

So, the question that Eric and I have, is WHY ARE YOU STILL USING VISUAL C++ 6? If there is some reason (real or imagined) for avoiding the migration, please email me with the reason (nick at dotnetperformance dot com), and I'll compile that list and send it to Eric. If you've been putting the move off, now is the time to move. I'd hold off the move to Managed C++ until 2005 ships, but if native code is where you are at, Visual C++ 2003 is an excellent product.


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