Thursday, August 12, 2004

Jonathan Wells wows them at SDNUG

Last night at SDNUG we had the Compact Framework PM Jonathan Wells present an intermediate overview session on the Compact Framework. Jonathan did a great job explaining where the CF sits in MS's overall strategy, how the CF relates to the Win32 version of the .NET Framework, and also showed of some really cool apps that the CF team at Microsoft has released. If you didn't see Jonathan present at one of the many Tech Eds that he attended over the last couple of months, it will be worthwhile grabbing the slide deck for the session (it will be up on the SDNUG site within the week) and exploring the wealth of resource links that he has assembled in his slide deck.

What made Jonathan's talk even more special was that he pro-actively volunteered for the session despite the fact he was on holidays. Jonathan is originally from Australia, so he was actually missing spending time with his family to talk to the couple of dozen developers (about 35 last night I think) who come to our meeting.) Many thanks Jonathan

A special congratulations to one of our regular attendees and presenters Luke Drumm who got married on the weekend. Well done Luke, and enjoy the honeymoon.


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