Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tech Ed Aus - Day 1

I got to three sessions today - the opening keynote, Prashant Sridharan's VSTS Intro, and Dan and the Illustrious Leader's Team Development talk. The keynote was unusual - Dr. Joseph MacInnis, who is a Canadian medical deep diver who works with the like of James Cameron on things like the iMax Titanic Feature. The keynote had nothing to do with IT, but was smoothly delivered and motivational, so I guess it was a success.

Prashant's talk was the San Diego demo distilled down to a single person format, and didn't contain much new. This is one of the drawback's of regional Tech Eds - you get a lot of content from the US Tech Ed that has already been published through the web.

As expected, Dan and Troy's talk was very popular. It is a credit to local MSDN staff that they ran this talk - it doesn't attempt to sell any Microsoft product, and isn't geared around some recent or upcoming product. The talk purely aims to help developers and dev leads get their work done, hence its overwhelming popularity. Someone made the point that they didn't cover MSBuild - I think they should take this as a compliment.

Surprisingly, the weather in Canberra was pretty good today. This is Mount Ainsile as seen from the Convention Centre. As an officer cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy, we used to run up this mountain during Physical Training (PT) sessions. It brings back pleasant memories.

I'm all set from my 10.15 session on .NET Performance tomorrow. If you're here at Tech Ed, make sure you come along.


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