Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Tech Ed Aus Day 2 - My Talk is Done And All Went Well

I did my performance talk this morning to a huge crowd - around 220 - and it came off really well. I was blown away by the crowd - for an obscurish topic at a 400 Level, I expected 30 or so people. The talk was moved rooms last night due to the number of people registered, and I was surprised that they all turned up. I did C++ at Tech Ed at Brisbane last year, and only got 40-50 people. Here is me looking stupid waiting for the crowd to roll in. The slide deck will be up on my website later this week.

We had a user group/ student ambassador meeting over the lunch break. Lots of grand plans and great people, but once you get back into the grind of work, it is hard to keep the enthusiasm and plans happening. Running a user group and getting it all organized every month is hard enough - trying to do stuff on top of this is very hard. It was good to meet all the academic folks. I hope that the user group leaders end up with some portal/ Sharepoint/ DotNetNuke site to coordinate our efforts, and an Australia/ New Zealand speakers bureau would be a huge win. Here is Frank, Chuck, Andrew and Caroline at the meeting. Frank is looking pensive - is he thinking about MSDN Connections?

I signed a copy of my book for the famous Brian Randell. He had actually bought a copy with him from LA, and I was very happy and humble to sign it for him. Here is Brian holding court last night near the MVP stand

I'm in Adam Cogan's Windows Form talk. It is typical Cogan - relentlessly practical, presented in his own rude and aggressive style. He has successfully abused 3 attendees, bagged Microsoft about 8 times, and offended all partners, competitors and media outlets involved in the IT industry. Adam can do this all without causing any real offense, which is quite an achievement. Here is Adam at his rudest best - stealing the last donught from some poor stuggling vendor's stand.

As Adam has just made a tasteless joke about Arabs and security, and is now moving on to strip bars, I guess I feel honoured being at his last talk as a MSDN Regional Director.

Looking forward to the Eric Rudder dinner tonight.


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