Thursday, August 12, 2004

Tech Ed Aus Over All Bar The Blogging (The post I forgot to post last weekend)

[Sorry for the late post - the TechEd wireless was pretty dead on the last day of the conference, and I forgot to post this one]

The final day of Tech Ed Aus has come and gone, and like all breaks from real work, the conference ended all too quickly. I only attended a few sessions today - the Security Expert Panel held over the lunch break was focussed at the IT Professional/ Operations delegates, but I always like to attend a few of these things to see how the other lives. Steve Riley from Microsoft is an awesome speaker, and it is worth going to his session for a great public speaking performance even if the content isn't professionally relevant.

I saw some of "Prescriptive Guidance-Juggling Web Services, WSE, .NET Remoting, System. EnterpriseServices, and MSMQ", but had to leave early. I'm looking forward to watching this session on the Tech Ed DVDs that attendees get given at the end of the show (which is one of the key technical benefits of attending TechEd). The remote communication story for Windows/.NET developers is a real mess at the moment, and Indigo can't ship soon enough. This talk also has a heap of performance material that I am looking forward to digging into.

The final session was the closing keynote. Eric Rudder was a good speaker, but the session was more of a pep talk than a big news-breaker. I guess this should be expected given the big announcements that came out of San Diego and Amsterdan, but I always find it disappointing that executive sessions often end up saying so little of real consequence. This certainly isn't a criticism of Eric - maybe with the internet, video-on-demand and the absolute deluge of technical information available, expecting a big announcement or deep technical revelation is unrealistic. A big congrats to Greg Low, who did a great job flying the MVP flag during a Yukon demo during the keynote.

Overall, the conference was really enjoyable, and I enjoyed catching up with all my colleges, MVP mates, and local and international MS staff.


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