Thursday, September 09, 2004

Dinner with Gary Cornell

I finally met up with Gary Cornell last night during his whirlwind world tour. Gary was making use of a round-the-world ticket that was running up against a tight expiry deadline, and had jet-setted across many continents before reaching Sydney. We had a great dinner at a Chinese restaurant in China Town, and chatted about many things ranging from technology and publishing through to the range of live seafood on display at the restaurant. The meeting represented my first face-to-face contact with Apress, which is certainly understand considering that the worlds largest ocean (or is it two oceans - North and South Pacific?) separates Berkley, CA from Sydney, NSW. I still find it mildly surprising how much business you can do over email without ever meeting in person.

Thanks for the great dinner and conversation, Gary, and look forward to meeting all the Apress folks one day!


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