Sunday, October 24, 2004

Learning More Technology Than You Can Poke a Stick At

I'm currently all over the place in terms of the technology I'm focussing on. I'm working pretty hard on a large project for a client where SQL Server DTS 2005 is going to be a key technology, so I'm focussing on learning and understanding this technology during working hours.

Out of hours, I'm going through the C# 2.0 spec and other related material in detail getting ready for the update of Eric's book. Also, I'm doing the C++ column for, and have been looking at STL.NET and CodeDOM in Managed C++.

I also do some work for the local Microsoft office, and I've got the Whidbey Ascend training on C#, C++ and BCL enhancements coming up in early November. The material comes pre-canned, but it is still a bit of work to make sure it is all familiar. In addition, I'm touring Australia and New Zealand in mid-December talking on WSE 2.0 at user groups, and this is a slide deck I'm preparing from scratch.

As you could imagine, I'm not doing as many photos as I'd like. I did get this waterfall in the Royal National Park south of Sydney in full flow (thanks to Sydney's big wet) at sunset last week.


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