Thursday, October 14, 2004

A Week In Perth

I've spend the last week in Perth with my family visiting the in-laws. The weather was pretty miserable the whole week, and there where very few photo opportunities. We took an overnight trip up to the Pinnacles, which are one of WA's marquee photo locations, but the light was pretty crook, and I didn't get any good shots despite spending sunset out there. The Pinnacles are a pretty amazing place - the 4WDs in the background of this image give some scale to the size of the place:


The performance of the Canon 28-300 lens that I got just prior to the trip was one of the bright points of the trip (outside being able to spend a relaxing week with the family). As you'd expect from an L-series lens, the pictures where sharp over the entire zoom range, and 28-300 covers so a wide range of photographic situations, I didn't switch to another lens the entire trip. If you don't mind the weight, its an awesome lens.

I also caught up with Nick Randolph, who runs the WA .NET Community of Practice. Nick is a great guy, and it is good to hear a perspective on what is happening in .NET outside Sydney.


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