Tuesday, November 30, 2004

External Assembly Aliases done and MSDN Update Tour

I knocked over the section on external assembly aliases for A Programmer's Introduction to C# 3 (to be known as PIC#3 from here on in). I estimated the section would take 800 words, and I came in at 700 words (including code samples), so I guess my estimating skills are getting pretty good. I also finished the third Developer.com article over the weekend on Verification and C++, and this should be up some time over the next week. This came in at 1500 words, and with the 340 word update on the PIC#3 Properties chapter to cover the new accessibility features in C# 2.0, the weekly total came in at over 2500, which is pretty good for me. The section on property accessibility was particularly fun to write because I got to retract everything Eric said in the previous two versions about different accessibility levels not being required.

I also completed leg one of the MSDN Update tour I'm doing over the next few weeks. The first port of call was the Melbourne .NET User Group. The crowd was pretty good (about 40), but they where fairly quite, and I got through the slides a lot quicker than I though. I've added a bit more material for the presentation on Thursday at SDNUG. After that, the schedule is:

06 Dec 18:00 Auckland, NZ

07 Dec 11.00 Christchurch, NZ

07 Dec 18.00 Wellington, NZ

08 Dec 18.00 Adelaide, AU

09 Dec 18.00 Wollongong, AU

13 Dec 08.00 Perth, AU

14 Dec 18.00 Brisbane, AU

15 Dec 18.00 Gold Coast, AU

16 Dec 16.30 Canberra, AU


At November 30, 2004 at 2:59 AM, Blogger William Luu said...

Maybe it was the pizza? (Full stomaches put people to sleep!)

No, don't worry, we weren't asleep :)

It was good to talk to you afterwards Nick, and enjoyed the presentation.


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