Tuesday, December 07, 2004

NZ tour done - on to Adelaide

Monday night's Auckland presentation and Tuesday's presentations in Christchurch and Wellington are done, and overall, they went pretty well. I got around 40 people in at Auckland, and outstanding 56 for a lunchtime session in Christchurch and about 30 or so in Wellington (apparently I was competing with one of the main IT Christmas parties held in Wellington). This is the Christchurch crowd just before I kicked-off:

The two highlights of Tuesday where the guided tour of Christchurch that Peter Jones (who runs the user group down there) provided, and Helen Hunt's (the Unisys developer, not the actress) tour of Wellington. Peter took my up to the top of some mountain that overlooks a lot of Christchurch, and provided my only glimpse of what I imagined the real NZ to look like:

Helen took me on a guided tour of Wellington after the user group meeting, which was even more generous considering she was (coincidentally) on the same 6am flight to Sydney as me. We went up to the top of Mount Victoria and also around the dock areas of Wellington:


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