Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hammering ahead with PIC#3

I've had a good week working on PIC#3 (Programmers Introduction to C#, 3rd Edition). I've done the new material for

  • the System.Array and the Collection Classes chapter (I added some stuff on the new classes in System.Collections.Generics),
  • the Execution-Time Code Generation chapter (added cover of light-weight code generation),
  • the Interop chapter (added coverage on fixed-size buffers) and
  • the .NET Frameworks Overview chapter (added coverage of expended TryParse, serial port support, compression streams and updated the examples.

    All this stuff is due this week, so I guess it's code that it's done. Next week, the plan is to update:
  • the Windows Forms chapter (add ClickOnce coverage)
  • the DiskDiff: Making It Useful chapter (to try to cut down the interop usage with .NET 2.0 features)
  • the Threading and Asynchronous Operations chapter (to cover semaphores)

    The overall plan is to have the first draft of all the new material done by the end of the first week in Feb. So far, the plan is on track...

    This weekend, I'm heading up to the NSW Central coast to shoot a surf boat carnival. These are a few from November when I was up there last:

    Finally, one of my favorites from over Christmas - Sunset over Sth Cottesloe, Christmas Eve:


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