Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ocean Beach Peters Boats photo gallery up

I traditionally haven't put up shots from the surf carnivals I do because I have had plenty of hassle with a couple of clubs (not my local ones) worried about any shots from carnivals "used for the wrong reasons.". I had heaps of requests at the carnival on the weekend for people who want to get some photos for the event, so I've decided to do a large gallery that anyone who was there can use to grad some high-quality shots from. Overall, the folks up at the Central Coast where really friendly, and I had a great day shooting the event.

I did 1758 shoots in total, and narrowed it down to 162 for the gallery. I did the first shot at 7.54am and the last at 12.43, so that is a shot about every 10s. The crews did a pretty unique tribute to the tsunami victims (the third and fourth rows). Good luck to the crews for this weeks final Peters Boats.


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