Thursday, March 03, 2005

Aussie .NET Authors and Writers

My previous post got me thinking about how many .NET writers there are in Australia excluding Deepak and myself. Here is the list I came up with. If I've missed you, please drop me a line and I'll add you to the list:

The list of Aussie .NET authors that I know of is (in no particular order):

  • Andrew Parsons - editor extraordinaire and author of the upcoming VBe title: Wrox's Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition Starter Kit
  • Michael Weinhardt - author of Windows Forms Programming in C#, Second Edition (covering .NET 2005)
  • Peter Stanski - co-author of .NET Compact Framework (where's the new version Pete?)
  • John Gough - author of Compiling for the .NET Common Language Runtime
  • Damien Watkins (who I've never meet) - co-author of Programming in the .NET Environment
  • Scott McCulloch - co-author of Professional DotNetNuke ASP.NET Portals
  • Mitch Denny - who has done a ton of .NET articles for Aus Developer
  • Bill McCarthy - who writes all over the place on VB.NET
  • Neil Roodyn - XP and emdedded columnist, and author of eXtreme .NET
  • Greg Low - doing a book on CLR Integration for DBAs and frequent .NET columnist
  • Nick Randolph frequent .NET columnist
  • Tania Bull - used to write a lot for Aus Developer is its prime
  • Brendon Chase - frequent write on .NET
  • Chuck and Andrew - infrequent writers on .NET
  • Ken Schaefer - author of CYA Securing IIS 6.0
  • Chris Peiris - who has been involved in heap of .NET books as an author and editor.
  • Paul Glavich frequent online author at ASPAlliance and other online ASP.NET resources.


    At March 4, 2005 at 2:30 AM, Blogger William Luu said...

    Oh yeah, Chris Peiris has a list of his other .NET articles/books on his website:

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