Thursday, March 17, 2005

Photo of the Week - 14 Mar 2005

As folks down Shire way know, last Sunday was the Shark Island Swim weekend. Over 1000 swimmers took part in the race, and the great weather and lack of seaweed made a welcome change from the 2003 and 2004 events. I usually stick to surf boats rather than swimmer as they make for more interesting photos and the lack of juniors around surfboats makes my job as a photographer who is mindful of the paranoia about the combination of kids, swim-wear and camera much easier.

Rather than shoot from the beach, I positioned myself waist deep and shot the start from this position. During the 1km fun swim that starts the day, the field actually spilled out behind me, and I ended up near the middle of a couple of hundred charging contestants. It didn't phase me too much at the time, but when I got back into the beach I realised I didn't have the neck strap on, and even if I did, the possibility of getting knocked over was pretty high. The thought of a very expensive repair made me a bit more cautious for the main 2.3km main race.

This shot was taken as the first batch (under 30s I think) was getting started in the main race. While there is nothing spectacular about it, the sea of red caps, the swimmer in the centre of frame nicely in sharp focus, and the guy in the back-ground painted as a cow (not sure how well this gag works for a swim) really make the shot for me.


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