Thursday, April 14, 2005

Photo of the Week - 11 Apr 2005

Well, the weekly photo of the week didn't last long. I got bogged down in some technical writing engagements from Australian Developer and MSDN Magazine ANZ on top of my normal consulting work, so ended up with no time to do the blog. Anyway, to get back on track...

Here is a rather simple shot of the Hacking River at dawn. The Hacking River runs the full length of the Royal National Park, beginning as the Port Hacking out in Bate Bay and ending up just outside the park near Otford. I grew up on Yowie Bay, which is about half way up the Port Hacking from Cronulla's surf beaches towards the weir at Audely, which marks the end of the saltwater section and the beginning of the fresh. This shot was taken in the southern part of the Park, near where Lady Carrington Drive ends. The Royal is often criticized as being an overly domesticated National Park, but it does have some pretty wild sections, particularly in the far south around Hell Hole and Burning Palms. The footbridge at the bottom of this shot will probably reinforce the domesticated view in some folks minds, but I think it adds a nice finish to the composition.


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