Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Photo of the Week - 16 May 2005

This shot was taken thirty-eight minutes after last weeks shot. I hadn't actually been out on the Longreef rock platform before, but once I got out there, I realised that it would have been a much better location for the sunrise shot that last weeks fairly standard beach-shot-at-sunrise-with-a-few-rocks-thrown-in-for-foreground. The reef has a wonderful series of small rock pools and mid-size scattered boulders that make composition a breeze. A shot like this could be composed in nearly any direction.

Once I got out onto the rock platform, it was pretty obvious that I had somewhere near 15 minutes of good light before the sun broke through the cloud layer above the horizon and killed the good reflections and excellent diffused light. This turned out to be heaps of time to get some good shots, and I took this shot hand-held as I was leaving to dry off my jeans and boots, and try to find the missing pieces of my tripod.

The two good shots made the 4.45am start worth it.


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