Thursday, May 05, 2005

Photo of the Week - 2 May 2005

This lone mangrove tree sits on a small rock reef just west of Maianbar (that's the correct spelling - not sure of the origins). I took the shot at dawn on a Sunday morning using my very humble Canon A80 backup. I've got a waterproof housing for this camera, and sometime bring it along when I'm going for an early surfski to get some sunrise shots. I'd had this spot on my list of potential locations for a while, but hadn't got the right combo of tide and light to shoot it. I actually took the camera out of the underwater housing for this shot, and it was a pretty precarious balancing act to get the shot while sitting on the surfski, avoiding the oysters, and racing a rapidly dropping tide.

I didn't use any fill flash on this shot, but in retrospect I would have certainly given it a go. I've boosted the contrast around the tree considerably using Photoshop, but it's still a bit drab and tends to blend in with the Buraneer peninsula in the left background. To use Michael Reichmann's category systems, this shot is definitely not an Image, and is a bit above a Snapshot, so I guess it is simply a postcard. The only shot I can comfortably say I am happy with as an Image is the Rottnet Island lighthouse shot.


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