Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Photo of the Week - 9 May 2005

[I wrote this post last Tuesday (10 May), but have spent the better part of a week trying to get the orange sky (which looks great in Photoshop) accurately reproduced in the JPEG format. On CRT screens it looks pretty good, but looks very dull and muddy on LCD screens. The graphics guru at work who lives in Photoshop all day long wasn't able to get the image right when viewed on all monitors, but I've decided to post it anyway in the hope that some folks will get to see it on a monitor that displays it well]

This one was taken this morning out at Longreef. I've had to work on-site this week, and I took the opportunity to avoid the traffic and head up to the Northern Beaches for sunrise. I noticed a lot of pollution about yesterday, and as this makes for great sunrises, I was hopeful of a colourful sky. Also, Sydney had a mild change forecast for today, which meant that there should be a plenty of cloud to hold the colour. Both guesses turned out to be correct, and the sunrise was pretty spectacular. There where actually folks stopping on their morning walks to admire the great colour in the sky.

I ended up breaking a knob off my tripod getting it out of the car and copped a wave up to mid-shin as I was standing in the location that this shot was taken (resulting in a pretty uncomfortable morning walking around in wet shoes and jeans), so I guess that this was one shot that I "paid the price" to get. Soon after this shot I noticed some dolphins frolicking near the headland, but they weren't doing enough acrobatics to make any of the shots worthwhile. I also got some nice shots out on the reef itself, and I'll use those as next weeks Photo of the Week.


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