Sunday, June 19, 2005

Always nice to get a good review...

Thanks for your kind words Daniel. It seems so long since I actually wrote the performance book. It is funny that one of the main concerns we had during the review phase of the book was that .NET 2.0 was coming so soon that the material would be out-of-date before it hit the shelves. I guess that long, long delays for Whidbey has been good for me.

I've had a few emails about whether I am doing a peformance book for .NET 2.0. I haven't committed to doing a new performance book in the short term, and I actually heading off on Friday for a six-month self-funded long service leave trip around Australia in a caravan. It been about 10 years since I left my previous career of coastal engineering behind, so an extended break made sense. The trip was also prompted by finishing off the current mortgage and having no burning desire to acquire another one straight away.

Back onto the writing, I need a bit of a break after doing the revision of Eric's C# book, which, based on Amazon's data, is shipping today. A peformance book covering .NET 2.0/ WinFx/ Longhorn will probably make more sense, and give me more time for a more thorough revision.


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