Saturday, June 04, 2005

Photo of the Week - 28 May 2005

This shot was taken in early May at sunrise over the rock platform between Big Marley and Little Marley looking north towards Marley Head. The weather had been overcast and rainy the previous few days, and the track from the Bundeena road down to Marley becomes a shin-deep creek after rain, making the trek down to the coastline pretty unpleasant. The walk took about an hour, and I lost the track quite a few times in the pre-dawn dark.

There wasn't a lot of good light between the sunrise and the dull grey that occured once the sun climbed above the main cloud layer. In the brief peroid of good light, the warm colours of sunrise contrasted nicely the cold light under the cloud cover. The colour in the rock comliments the sunrise well, and leads the eye nicely into the shot.


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